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Genuine and beautiful, at the far end of the sea

The name Käringön probably comes from the Scottish word "cairn" meaning a navigation mark made as a small stone tower. In Swedish this turned into "käring".

Almost all of the hundreds of houses on the island are built before 1920 and most of the are today leisure homes.

There are still about 65 people living on the island all year round and there is a rich business life with some 25 companies on the island - Käringön is a living community!

This homepage is administered by the Business Association on the island (Käringöns Företagarförening) and we hope that you will find it useful before and during your visit at the island.

Many of the nice photos are taken by Martina Sjöberg, who was born on the island and grew up here, and it is also her instagram flow you can follow on our start page. Gunnar Arwidson is a multi-talanted person living on the island permanently and we also have a lot of his pictures here on the website. Big thanks to Martina and Gunnar!

Welcome to Käringön!

Welcome to Käringön!


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