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Crab fishing

To fish crabs from a small dock is by far the most popular activity among our younger visitors and they can spend hours doing this. It's quite common that elder siblings or parents also get quite engaged in the activity...

What do you need? A lace, a bucket and a bait, that's it! Of course it is also quite smart to wear  a life vest if you can't swim. When you are happy with your catch you let the crabs have a race on a small rock and see who comes first into the sea again.


By Myra you will find the lovely playground. Of course built with marine inspiration. At Myra there is also plenty of open grass surfaces to play on.

Sailing school every summer

Seglarskolan brukar arrangeras under vecka 29. För att vara med på seglarskolan behöver barnen kunna simma 200 m och ha en viss mognad för att kunna ta till sig ledarnas instruktioner. Det finns ca 12 platser på varje kurs. Varmt välkommen med din anmälan till:


We would like to welcome all children and young people to this year's swimming school and badge collection on Käringön. This year there will be badge taking v28 and swimming school and badge taking v29 and 30. Contact KIF if interested.

Miniature golf

The miniature golf course with nine exciting holes is located close to the harbour. You can rent clubs and balls at the kiosk by the harbour.

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